Freerider III


Smooth and perfect balanced allround Board


The Freerider III provides the driver a satisfied smile on the face after the first few meters and immediately convinces by a control and smoothness.And that regardless of driving level. Guaranteed!




  • Due to the bottomshape and 3D shape of the rail are combined with the smooth flex our Freerider is very intuitive and at first glance inconspicuous. It feels easily on your feet and even in difficult conditions you keep the control. Landings are much softer, more controlled and forgiving than you may ever experienced before. Your worst  landing will feel easier. Expect extreme smoothness even in choppy conditions, fail forgiving sprint and plenty of pop through the high restoring force of the carbon fiber. Last but not least, because of the low weight of about 3200 grams for a mounted board (depends on size) it will feel as if you’re dancing over the water.


The custom flex option


  • In general we offer our Freerider in a perfect leveled boardsize and rider wheigt balance.The custom flex option is for those who:

- have light bodyweight and the idea to go for a bigger size of a board to use it for lightwind (soft flex)

- has problems with their knees and would like to have an extra smoothness on top (soft flex)

- love to go crazy with the Freerider III in overpowerd conditions and from one kiteloop to the other (hard flex)


  • The Freerider III got a high end triaxial carbon fibres which is spacially produced for us for the perfect balance between flex and pop.


  • Weight of the board inclusive fins, pads, straps and handle in the size of 135x40 is 3200 gram
  • The Freerider III now has a bit more flex which creates more pop and lesser rocker for better lowend/upwind performance


-All our custom kiteboards come including Pads/Straps and Fins-


Please note:

We are very busy with orders, because of that we have mostly no stock Boards. We try always our best to build the ordered board within 3 weeks.