Twintip models

-Our evergreen-

Perfect balanced Twintip Kitesurfboard for all levels and conditions.

Freerider IV

-Push your Limits-

You know what you are doing and you expect a top up for grip and pop. This is your the Board of your choice.


-Absolut controled-

Step out of your comfort zone to improve your skills.

Challenger III

-lightwind fun-

Be awared for a new Lightwindboard experience. This is one who kind board in this size which provides fun on the water.


our philosophy

high control – intuitiv – smooth

Those are the basic and most important key point for us in wich you will find as a fingerprint in all of our boards 

Modell Guide

Which model is the the right one for me?

We will help you

From beginner to the ambitious sporty kiter, the freerider covers a wide spectrum.

Grip control and smooth landings are here already on a very high level.

With the Challenger you will get a upgrade for the grip. It can handle overpower in hard conditions a slightly easier and landings are a bit smoother which is nice for those who are training high kiteloops and working an the timing.

The Voyager is for those who knows find a top up for the grip and board pop.More what you could call a pro board…. a top up for board pop and grip.

Not sure wich board and size is fitting to you?

Discover your perfect fit with our Size Model Guide.

Just follow our guide and we’ll provide you with a personalized recommendation.


Classic Binding

Lesser is often more. Our classic binding is simple and a good mix of support and freedom.Enough space to move your heel and get rid of the board when needed. The edge at the toes and little heel kick provides enough support to feel connected to the board. This binding fits from size 40 – 46 with and without neopren shoes.

Slim Binding

Our Slim Binding has two two velcros for the stabs and provides different settings of the position and ankle for the strab. In general our slim binding is a bit smaller as the classic, mainly a slimmer. Fits from 37 – 43 with or without nepren shoes, 43 and bigger still fitting, just to wear shoes could be tricky.


G10 fins

To tell you something how nice and special our fins are is not our style…. it is just a twintip fin and does what such a fin should do: 

It generates guidance and support

M5 screws + washer

We work with M5 V4 screws and aluminum fin washer

Highest performance

Custom carbon preforms

We pushed it to the limit to reach the highest performance level and working with the best carbon preforms wich you can get. Our supplier is able to build the carbon preforms exactly for our need to reach the best level of performance-stability-weight.

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