Challenger II

Next level of control

Feel the difference


handle overpower easy and pulling first mega loops


  • when overpowered
  • in difficult conditions


next level of support for tricky landings


  • the board will find his line intuitive
  • hard landings will feel smoother as you expect


speed up and send it even in difficult conditions


  • V bottom shape basic
  • ankle of our carbon fiber which provides smooth flex


A high value at a kitesurfboard


  • strong -V- bottom keel
  • double concaves for the middle guidline
  • strong double concaves at the tail

That shape provides the next level of control

Designed for powerful riding in big air conditions.

Our challenge for the Challenger was to come up with a board which provides the same smoothness as our Freerider. With a top up for grip and control, especially in strong and ruff high wind conditions to go big and crazy.

Combined with super smooth riding through chop and excellent feedback you will find easy the perfect moment for your controled take off.

The strong V-keel allows the water to leave the middle of the board fast and promise you smooth landings.

That V-keel in combination with the deep double concaves at the nose/tail gives you automatic drive in the right direction from the first moment of water contact.

This concaves can handle a lot of pressure and provides that high control in overpowered conditions.

The board will show you naturally the boarder of giving to much pressure, this is the moment when the tail starts to drift instead of just slipper all of the sudden and loose the grip.


Board SizeRiders weightStandard FinsStandard Binding
130 x 38,5 cm50 kg – 65 kg40 mmSlim
132 x 39 cm55 kg – 70 kg45 mmSlim
133,5 x 39,5 cm60 kg – 85 kg45 mm Classic
135 x 40 cm65 kg – 95 kg 50 mm Classic


Classic Binding

Lesser is often more. Our classic binding is simple and a good mix of support and freedom.Enough space to move your heel and get rid of the board when needed. The edge at the toes and little heel kick provides enough support to feel connected to the board. This binding fits from size 40 – 46 with and without neopren shoes.

Slim Binding

Our Slim Binding has two two velcros for the stabs and provides different settings of the position and ankle for the strab. In general our slim binding is a bit smaller as the classic, mainly a slimmer. Fits from 37 – 43 with or without nepren shoes, 43 and bigger still fitting, just to wear shoes could be tricky.


G10 fins

To tell you something how nice and special our fins are is not our style…. it is just a twintip fin and does what such a fin should do: 

It generates guidance and support

M5 screws + washer

We work with M5 V4 screws and aluminum fin washer

Not sure wich board and size is fitting to you?

Discover your perfect fit with our Size Model Guide.

Just follow our guide and we’ll provide you with a personalized recommendation.

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Challenger III

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