Don't be afraid of a Lightwind board. Be prepared for a surprise!


You will find here a game changer among the lightwindboards


We will show you why:


  • Based on the harmonic shape of the X-plorer, paired with a flat two stage rocker, stretched outline, soft flex and low weight.

As bigger the board is, the more important it is to have a well working bottom shape.

The V-bottom will give you an easy playful pop and rides extreme free because of the deep double concaves.

They bring a lot of water under the board and create lift, which also allows an early take off.

Also those concaves provides a top up grip when the wind picks up or you catch a strong gust, you will keep the control

Due to the very low weight, the fact that the board is extremely easy to move,

releases water and develops a powerful pop, it feels very sporty and significantly smaller

than you are used to from other boards of the same size.


  • Extreme upwind, plenty of pop, soft landings, easy turning and playful handling characterize this board. 


  • Weight of the board inclusive fins, pads, straps and handle 3800 gram


Produced in vacuum infusion with biaxial carbon fibers which is specially produced for us for the perfect balance between flex and pop.


You will be surprised by the performance and playful fun in light wind conditions with Lightwind Board

Don't miss it!!


-All our boards come including Pads/Straps,Handle and Fins-


Please note:

We are very busy with orders, because of that we have mostly no stock Boards. We try always our best to build the ordered board within 3 weeks.