Challenger II



That shape provides the next level of control


 The Challenger is designed for powerfull riding in big air conditions 




Our shaping challenge for the Challenger was to come up with a twintip which provides the same smoothness as our Freerider. 

With a top up for grip and control, especially in strong and ruff high wind conditions to go big and crazy.

Combined with super smooth riding through chop and excellent feedback you will find easy the perfect moment for your explosiv take off.


The strong V-keel allows the water to leave the middle of the board fast and promise you smooth landings.

That V-keel in combination with the deep concaves gives you slightly automatic drive in the right direction from the first moment of water contact.


For the design:

Some of the design previews shows a Freerider III. When you order here in the configurator, you will get a Challenger II


  • Weight of the board inclusive fins, pads, straps and handle in the size of 135x40 is 3300 grams.


!!All our custom kiteboards come including Pads/Straps,Handle and Fins!!


Please note:

We always try to build your ordered board within 3 weeks.



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