Allround performance, light weight, and stability was the mission of the Beaver shape....enjoy and let him entertain you!


Great leveled allround strapless surfboard for freestyle and wave riding.

Rail to rail carving in a big radius spectrum, super controlled cutbacks, high performance with jumping, playful, forgiving and stable. All those are keywords wich our Beaver will offer you.

You will be surprised of the performance, that's our promise!



  • New shape concept
  • XPS Core
  • Aramid honecomp sandwich at the stress area 
  • Bidirectional carbon
  • High flex body for smooth riding
  • Full round rails for lot of control
  • Light weight - 2650 gramm with fins and fully deckpad
  • Bottom concave channels, based on a mono concave 
  • Convex deck shape
  • FCS II fin boxes


Different shape concept

A standard carbon waveboard is basically light but also extrem stiff and you will feel choppy conditions 1:1.

Bouncy, nervous, and difficult to control because of the stiff carbon laminate.

To evoyt that problem we went a new way. We designed a waveboard wich has a basic flex by doing a thin main body with low volume.

That thin main body provides a high basic flex and a way smoother riding in choppy conditions.


Full round rails

To get back the waveboard feeling, we designed full rails which provides control and also responsible for smooth riding and makes it just perfect for grabbed tricks.


High scoop (nose rocker)

Most of the no-nose Surfboards are focused on freestyle, need to be careful to not get a nose dive when riding down a wave. We lifted the nose of the beaver to evoit that problem.

--Board comes with fins and fully deckpad--