Freerider IV

a Timeless Masterpiece

Feel the difference


We are proud to say our standart boards are already -one of a kind- and fits to most of the customers already perfectly.


  • Choice of an edition design
  • Change rail color
  • Performance changing points

Classic V-Bottom, Perfected

Old-school meets precision. Our boards boast the timeless V-bottom design, executed with unparalleled accuracy. It’s a classic, redefined for the modern rider.

Advanced Carbon Technology

Cutting-edge, yet timeless. We use the latest carbon materials to ensure lightweight durability and unmatched performance. This isn’t just any board; it’s your next leap forward.

Customizable Rocker

Personalize your ride. With the ability to adjust the rocker, our boards offer a truly bespoke surfing experience. Tailor the board to your style, and make the ocean your own.

Beyond Marketing

Reality, not rhetoric. Our commitment transcends typical marketing narratives. We’re dedicated solely to pushing the boundaries of performance.

Uncompromising Quality

Every curve, every line is a testament to our pursuit of excellence. We don’t just build boards; we craft legends, designed to elevate your ride to its peak potential.

Heartbeat of the Workum Kitespot

Just 400 meters away, our boards take their first breath at the edge of the renowned Workum Kite Spot. This is where adventure begins and dreams take flight.

Showcase at Core'n More

Walk into inspiration at the Coren More Surf Shop. It’s not just a shop; it’s a gallery where each board’s story unfolds, inviting you to be a part of our journey.

Roots Run Deep

We’re local, through and through. Immersed in the surf culture, our essence is drawn from the community and the relentless pursuit of crafting the perfect ride.


Due to the bottom shape and 3D shape of the rail are combined with the smooth flex, our Freerider III is very intuitive and at first glance inconspicuous.

It feels light on your feet and even in difficult conditions you keep the control.

Landings are much softer, more controlled and forgiving than you may ever experienced before. Your worst landing will feel easier. Expect extreme smoothness, specially in choppy conditions.

Fail forgiving sprint and plenty of pop through the high restoring force of the carbon fiber.

Last but not least, because of the low weight of about 3200 grams for the mounted board (depends on size) it will feel as if you’re dancing over the water.


132cm60kgSmall finsNormal pads
138cm70kgMiddle finsPro pads
142cm80kgBig fins 


G10 fins

To tell you something how nice and special our fins are is not our style…. it is just a twintip fin and does what such a fin should do: 

It generates guidance and support

M5 screws + washer

We work with M5 V4 screws and aluminum fin washer


Classic Binding

Lesser is often more. Our classic binding is simple and a good mix of support and freedom.Enough space to move your heel and get rid of the board when needed. The edge at the toes and little heel kick provides enough support to feel connected to the board. This binding fits from size 40 – 46 with and without neopren shoes.

Slim Binding

Our Slim Binding has two two velcros for the stabs and provides different settings of the position and ankle for the strab. In general our slim binding is a bit smaller as the classic, mainly a slimmer. Fits from 37 – 43 with or without nepren shoes, 43 and bigger still fitting, just to wear shoes could be tricky.

Not sure wich board and size is fitting to you?

Discover your perfect fit with our Size Model Guide.

Just follow our guide and we’ll provide you with a personalized recommendation.

Explore Freerider IV: A Visual Journey

Size-model guide

You’re not quite sure which size is the right one and whether the X-plorer or Challenger is the right board for you?

2. Current board

3. Your level

4. Your learning curve (specially beginnners)

5. Attitude towards kitesurfing

6. Main area of application

7. Kite size

8. Claims

9. One or two board solution

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