Our Freerider Twintips

We offer you a twintip that gives the driver a satisfied smile on the face after the first few meters and immediately convinces by a lot of control and smoothness. And that regardless of driving level. Guaranteed!

We offer you a board that is very intuitive and at first glance inconspicuous. It feels easily on your feet and even in difficult conditions you keep the control. Landings are much softer, more controlled and forgiving than you may ever experienced before. You’re worsed landing will feel easier. Expect extreme smoothness even in the most choppy conditions, error forgiving sprint and plenty of pop through the high restoring force of the carbon fiber.

Last but not least, because of the low weight of about 2200 grams (depending on size and board only) it will feel as if you’re dancing over the water.

The design of our standard twintip – Top and bottom in carbon high gloss, logos and rail in white – more logo and rail colors as custom-made possible

parallax layer


Standard design

Carbon Glossy Top / Bottom. Logos and rail in white.

Customize your logo + €40,- and rail color + €40,- click here




Other sizes on request


1099€ incl. Pads, straps, fins and grab handle

Freerider lady edition

Designed specifically for women. This board is crafted with a slightly softer flex, recognizing a womans lighter body weight, and comes with slightly smaller bindings.

Standard design

Carbon Glossy Top / Bottom.

-Logos pink/purple,turquoise

-Rail in white

Customize your logo + €40,- and rail color + €40,- click here


128 x 38
130 x 38,5
132 x 39
135 x 40
137 x 41

other sizes on request


1099€ incl. Pads,  straps, fins and grab handle


This board will completely change everything you thought you knew about light wind boards. Despite the larger size board, the unique design of the bottom shape, make it hard to call it a day. Due to its extreme light weight, the board responds with an amazing amount of pop, whilst delivering extreme agility. You will soon realize that other boards can not compare. This board is suitable for beginners, intermediate or advanced riders. Capable of handling super gusty winds, while still being able to bust out your favorite freestyle tricks, it is also suitable as a light wind board. In short, this board has it all: extreme upwind ability, soft landings, easy handling, all the while turning on a dime.

Standard design

Carbon Glossy Top / Bottom. Logos and rail in white.

Customize your logo + €40,- and rail color + €40,- click here


152 x 45


1099€ incl. Pads & straps

Bindings & Fins

Less is often more. We decided on a simple pad / straps combination that is easy to set up and fits most feet. Here you can connect to the board with both shoes and barefoot. Through the edge in the toe area you have the opportunity to loosen up the binding and to anchor yourself with the toes in the binding, which has the advantage that you can get rid of the board quickly if something goes wrong during the jump ,

parallax layer

Customize your board

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The shape that has it all!

We are convinced that we have found the perfect Shape!


We created a pronounced V in the middle of the board, which prevents the “sticking” on the water before you jump. Especially in the light wind board, this is a positive, because there is a bigger surface that needs to leave the water. Even landings are extremely dampened by the V, as the water is displaced from the center of the board to the outside.

Double concave

The double concave is responsible for increasing the rail grip, facilitating upwind riding and early planing. In conjunction with the mono concave at nose and tail, the board is directionally stable and thus forgiving.

Mono concave

These are located at nose and tail and ensure that you can recharge the board vigorously at the jump to hunt your personal altitude records. In addition, this smoothness and extra control.

3D rails

Due to the design or the shape of the rail, the driving behavior of a twintip can be greatly changed. We rely on a mixture of smoothness and rail grip


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