Passion comes in all shapes and sizes

Founded 2013 by the head shaper Thilo Schwemlein with the profession of industriell modeling and composite components.

Back in the days his dad was already shaping his windsurf boards, it took a while but it was clear what Thilo will do one day....

Since 2016 he has been located with Boardschmiede in Workum/NL a couple of hundred meters from the famous kitesurf spot.

Due to a lot of know-how, passion for finding the perfect shape and focus on improvements,

the manufactory that creates these high-quality boards has grown with the name and product that are known and respected.

Product improvements


  • Short ways to improve quickly and flexibly. Passion for what we do, 3D design, CNC workflow, the flexibility of vacuum infusion and our close to spot location, as well as feedback from kitesurfers of any level are the reasons for our successful product.

Design develepments


  • We have found a way to come up with a luxury design effect, which we are the first and only one on the market with. We call it the pearl or chrome effect. This is a unique effect that changes the reflection of the color like a shiny pearl depending on the lighting. It is almost invisible without sunlight, but as soon as the sun hits the carbon, a magical color effect will pop out. Each of these prints is made on our industrial printer



Carefully preparing the material for the infusion is one of the keys for a successful result.

Vacuum infusion

  •  Our boards are being produced in a single negative mold with vacuum infusion. This is an extremely sensitive production method that requires a lot of know-how and a concentrated, precise workflow. The advantage and result of this process is a strong and lightweight laminate due to the perfect balance of resin and fiber. Another advantage is the flexibility of a single mold vacuum infusion, which allowed us to be fast with our shape improvements.